20th Anniversary Projects

2004 is the 20th anniversary of The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center and here are the projects that we are working on to honor this landmark together:

1) A Labyrinth project is in the idea stage. We’d like your opinions on where to put it and what to make it out of (we’re thinking stone so it doesn’t have to be mowed constantly). Check this website for ideas, http://www.Labyrinthsociety.org.
2) We have distributed Client Feedback forms in the lobbies, so please fill them out and return them to the Central Office ASAP. We are looking for quotes to use in our publications and articles about our anniversary and Health Fairs.
3) Cylburn Arboretum, our neighbor, has several “make it beautiful” days throughout the year, and if we have enough interest, we could coordinate a small squadron of Ruscombe volunteers to go together and perform some community service for one of our neighbors. Call or Email us if you are interested.
4) We plan to order a small quantity of L.L.Bean tote bags (http://LLBean.com -Click on “Corporate Sales”) embroidered with our logo and a 20th anniversary notation. These items will be offered for sale at the Health Fairs and made available to practitioners at cost. Call or Email us if you want to place an advance order! A very limited supply will be created.

May 16 Health Fair and Open House

Our second in a new annual tradition on the grounds of the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center 11 AM – 4 PM. Our bigger and better 20th anniversary celebration will be at our October 10th, 2004 Health Fair with exciting possibilities! Save the date!

Presentations on all holistic modalities we offer at Ruscombe will be ongoing throughout both days in the Hill House Community Hall. We have a special treat with Brian Sanderoff who will be broadcasting his WCBM radio show, “Your Prescription 4 Health” from the porch of the Hill House on May 16th from 10AM-12PM. Several of our practitioners will be invited to be the guests on this program, and live audience participation is encouraged. Y’all come! Tables and tables of information, unique and healing items for sale and delicious, healthy food and fellowship.
Ruscombe Mansion History

As Pat Draisey at Cylburn put it, “our building coughed and the information we were looking for came into view.” Thanks to a serendipitous discovery of a 1978 Balto Star article about our building (when looking for something else in a box of old stuff last week) we have learned not only who built our “mansion” building (yes it was Charles E. Ellicott, and yes, he was a son-in-law of Francis LeMoyne who bought Ruscombe from James Tyson), but it also states when it was built (1906) and the architectural firm who did it (Ellicott and Emmart for $12,000). There are two old photos of the building, but no indication of the dates they were taken. We’ll reproduce all these articles and aerial maps we’ve collected in researching our building’s history and assemble a binder soon, so you can see how our whole west wing used to be a porch!

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