7 Tips to Find the Holistic Healer Right for You

We could make light of this headline, by saying: Here are the 7 best ways to find the right holistic healer for you:

1) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
2) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
3) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
4) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
5) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
6) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion
7) Attend the Open House at the Ruscombe Mansion

… but you visitors to the Ruscombe Mansion website, deserve a more substantial and useful list, so here it is. (Though we do hope to see you all at our next Open House!)

Whether you are someone who has only ever been a patient of traditional white-coated physicians, or if you are someone already confident with “alternative” health care like getting a massage or acupuncture, the Ruscombe Mansion is your answer.

1) Is their office located in a peaceful, tranquil setting conducive to self-healing?
At Ruscombe we have found our lush grounds and quiet, old buildings play a major role in the sense of safety and peace experienced by our clients. A peaceful setting is most conducive for learning to relax and de-stress from the outside world. Our rich history of healing service is often picked up intuitively by our visitors. “Every time I set foot on the property, I feel better already,” is a common refrain.

2) Does he or she really listen to you? I mean, really, really LISTEN?
On average, western medical doctors spend 15 minutes with each patient. At Ruscombe our average is 1-2 hours each visit. How else can a practitioner learn what is going on in your life outside of the physical symptoms, like how your family stresses, emotional concerns, or unexpected physical strains are impacting your health?

3) Do you feel safe and COMFORTABLE talking to them?
When interviewing prospective holistic practitioners, you should experience a sense of ease and comfort, and feel no pressure. You should feel a connection and a trust growing with this person. They should answer all your questions, and be willing to partner with you on your healing journey.

4) Ask your friends and family.
Word of mouth referral is the best way to find a competent practitioner in complementary medicine, but just because they click with your friends and family, does not mean they will click with you. Relationships with holistic practitioners should be custom designed and as individual as you are. If the practitioner recommended by friends or family does not feel right to you, ask them for a referral to another or to the professional organization they belong to for another referral.

5) Are they fully licensed and certified in their field?
This is something you can probably find out on the web before even making an appointment for an interview. Always ask about their training and certification, how long they have been in practice, their experience and skills. Many offer testimonials and references. All practitioners at the Ruscombe Mansion, including three physicians, are fully licensed and certified in their fields and comply with all state regulations.

6) Are they offering a silver bullet, quick fix, guaranteed? Beware.
Remember, self-healing is a process, not a pill. Complementary medicine and holistic therapies can provide deep and lasting relief from life-long complications, but they are not generally known as “quick fixes.” A good holistic practitioner should give you a set of expectations from the beginning of your treatment so you will know how long before you might notice change, how frequent to schedule appointments, and how many treatments might be recommended.

7) Trust your gut. You are your best doctor.
Observe and record. This practice applies to both sensing out whether a practitioner is right for you, as well as how to proceed with effective self-healing. A good practitioner should educate you on what changes to look for, so you can be observant, and the more observant you are, the better the course of treatment can be adapted to suit your unique needs. You might even feel encouraged to more closely examine your inner spiritual life, and reconnect with your purpose.

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