Finding our Balance in Tumultuous Times

Tension. Opposition. Violence, even. It may come as a surprise to some readers that all of these have a place in the life cycle of a healthy organism. At least they do in the paradigm of Asian Healing Arts. It’s not all sweetness and light in here!

Without any tension, we’d collapse like rubber chickens. Without opposition, we’d miss the full spectrum of our life’s possibilities. And without violent muscle contractions, none of us would have left our mothers’ wombs.

And yet. The destructiveness of these forces have been showing up all too clearly.

This year, the Season of Extremes we call Spring has been more extreme than most. We’ve seen the Winds of Change blow chilling snow storms into the middle of sunny days. We’ve all been battered by traumatic events, both natural and man-made. So many we’ve had little recovery time between fires and floods. Racially charged shootings and massacres of children. Revelations of corruption, breakdowns and firings at the highest levels of our government. So much tension, opposition and violence.

Are there healthy roles – or outlets – for these forces? How do we use such potentially destructive forces in life-serving ways? Can we contain their potential risks? Cultivate their productive use? Continue reading “Finding our Balance in Tumultuous Times”

Vernal Equinox 2018

Happy Spring! Last week, we celebrated the Vernal Equinox together at Ruscombe Mansion. As our friend Selena Fox says, “Let the vitality of Spring renewal continue to be with you as you go about your daily life.”

Hope to see everyone around Ruscombe in the coming season! Like & follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our monthly enews, to learn about upcoming events & workshops. Continue reading “Vernal Equinox 2018”

Body Awareness is Self Awareness

Encouraging deeper body awareness is an important part of many holistic body-oriented practices. Indeed, in one research study1, researchers who interviewed many different kinds of practitioners concluded that body awareness is a common ground of mind/body therapies, a key element or mechanism of their action.
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Soaring Crane Crouching Tiger Qi Gong Classes

Starting this Monday!
Taught by Cynthia Zanti Jabs, L.Ac.

Come relax and rejuvenate by practicing Medicinal Movements learned from watching animals in the natural world. These practices are easy to learn, fun to practice and highly beneficial. Great way to get things moving this Spring!

When: Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm, now through April 16
Where: Towson High School Library
Register: Call 443.840.4700 and request CRN: 76089
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A Picture of Health

Being able to envision ourselves as healthy is crucially important to our prognosis. This best-kept secret of healing is finally out of the bag. Numerous recent studies have headlined research confirming this phenomenon. Which comes as no surprise to traditional healers!

So how do we cultivate a vision of wellness for ourselves that serves our healing processes?
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Ruscombe as Field Trip Destination for JHU Freshman Students

As part of an Intersession Program in Integrative Medicine on January 24th, 2018, two dozen Johns Hopkins University pre-med students visited Ruscombe to learn more about our approaches to healing. They were treated to a stimulating discussion and demonstration on the basic concepts of integrative or holistic health with Paula Derry, Ph.D. and Zanti Jabs, L.Ac. Continue reading “Ruscombe as Field Trip Destination for JHU Freshman Students”

Winter: What’s the Point?

Winter can feel like we’re just trying to get by. Especially after the holidays, our energy reserves are wiped out. When we try to ‘get things done,’ we find our concentration low and our nerves frayed. We just hang on, waiting for longer days. Warmer temperatures. Brighter skies.

Taoists viewed Winter a little differently. This tradition, the source of Asian healing arts like acupuncture, held Winter as a time of great power. And believed our choices in this season affect our health thru the year. Maybe even our destiny thru our life! Continue reading “Winter: What’s the Point?”