Body Awareness is Self Awareness

Encouraging deeper body awareness is an important part of many holistic body-oriented practices. Indeed, in one research study1, researchers who interviewed many different kinds of practitioners concluded that body awareness is a common ground of mind/body therapies, a key element or mechanism of their action.
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Upcoming Photography Exhibition

Ruscombe’s Property Steward Emeritus David Penney will be displaying his framed photos & prints for sale. All day, March 24-25, in the Conference Wellness Room. Signed hand-made gelatin-silver prints, many selenium or sepia-toned; some are 8×10″ and some 11×14″. There will be some 16×20″ prints, and some matted ones of each size. Click photos to enlarge.

Also for sale, a wide range of cameras & film equipment at a good price.

Stillness in the Dark – The Depths of Winter: Part 5 of Healing with the Seasons

‘It’s dark on purpose. So just listen.’

These words, from a poem called The Oracle by Lawrence Raab, tell it like it is in the Winter.

The healing gifts of Winter come with deep listening. From tapping into the depths when it’s dark. When we’re weary. When we’re afraid.

Nights are long. Days are short. The cold we step into outside requires layers of protection. Else it makes us cringe. Or makes us sick. And wears us out.

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Support the Pollinator Protection Act of 2016

The 2016 Pollinator Protection Act (HB211), a bill which would manage the use of neonicotinoid pesticides and require labeling of plants treated with them, passed the Maryland House floor this weekend! Read more about it in the Baltimore Sun, and be sure to contact your representatives to thank them if they supported it. Now the House & Senate need to reconcile their bill versions. Continue reading “Support the Pollinator Protection Act of 2016”

The Power of Losing Weight

Recently I visited family and friends in Switzerland and Italy. It was a true vacation: great company, great food, great weather, and great scenery. I returned to Baltimore with new energy and 4 more pounds of–no, not luggage–body weight. This did dampen my spirit a little considering the already annoying extra pounds that have piled up around my waist after andropause.

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A Memory Aid for Stroke First Aid – “F.A.S.T.”

Some of the most important items in your First Aid kit* are mental tricks. Practicing the ability to stay calm and rational will aid you in any emergency.

Here is a new memory trick to help you save a life if you suspect someone near you is having a stroke. Response time is extremely important with a stroke, and a delay can mean the difference between full recovery and severe brain damage. Continue reading “A Memory Aid for Stroke First Aid – “F.A.S.T.””

The Three Environments

We hear daily news about global warming, natural and man-made disasters affecting our environment. How can we live a healthy life in an ever more polluted environment? We feel enraged but powerless. Where should we start to clean up? What about where we have control: Inside and around the house: get rid of chemicals, clutter, recycle, etc?

Then we are ready to clean up the next environment, our internal environment: the body’s pH, oxidative stress, cholesterol, toxins, etc. This entails a wholesome diet, regular exercise, regular sleep pattern, creative work and free time. We do have control over these things but it takes more will to implement them. Continue reading “The Three Environments”