December is Depression Awareness Month

Although the stereotypical holiday images are full of firesides and warmth and joy, they truth is quite the opposite for many people. For those who have experienced a recent loss of a loved one or a divorce, the traditions of the holidays bring it all flooding back, no matter how many years have passed. Others get depressed after maxing their credit cards and the thought of facing the bills in the New Year. And everyone knows the stress of trying to squeeze more and more into their already busy days in order to live up to the family traditions requiring baking, wrapping, shopping, entertaining, etc.

At the Ruscombe Mansion, we have several counselors and psychotherapists with suggestions on how to cope and stay positive in a holistic way:

– Plan activities that are pleasurable for you rather than what you think you should be doing
– Volunteer at a charity or visit someone in need of loving attention (helping those less fortunate can be a huge “blues” lifter)
– View the holidays as seasonal celebrations of the passage of time and appreciate the changes in nature
– Light a candle for everyone you have ever loved or has loved you (and don’t forget yourself!)
– Write thank you notes to those you love and to those who provide you services
– Know that the holidays are more about what comes out of your heart than from your hands
– Visualize peace on earth by starting in your own home

May Peace be with you, within you and around you this holiday season and always!

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