Holistic Healing Arts in Tumultuous Times

Photo: Graham Cook / CC BY 2.0

In tumultuous times, traditional healing modalities have much to offer. They help us recover from shock. They can address old wounds laid bare by dramas unfolding around us. They call us to our higher selves. They lead us to connect with others and connect with our purpose in the world. They support us in finding our footing in the presence of frightening uncertainties. They cultivate the strength and clarity we need to deal appropriately with changing circumstances.

Changes of great magnitude can wreak havoc for us physically, mentally and spiritually. Signs of strain can show up on all of these levels. We may experience changes in our sleep, concentration, breathing, balance, digestion or elimination. Any and all our major functions can be compromised.

A holistic practitioner can help us understand these experiences and support our recovery on all these levels. Modern holistic healing arts are grounded in ancient practices, many of which were developed during dire times of momentous change and duress. They typically use a partnership model of healing to maximize a person’s capacity to heal and thrive in the presence of challenging circumstances.

Knowing we are not alone in our experience is the first step in any kind of recovery. Partnership is crucial for our well-being — sometimes for our survival! In partnership with a holistic practitioner we learn to notice how the waves around us ripple through our unique being. We learn to make important distinctions, such as what is in our control and what is not. What we can know and what we can’t. Where—and how—we need to protect ourselves. How to replenish the energy we need to persevere.

Initially, in the presence of large scale changes like those we’re all experiencing right now, we may find ourselves numb and tired. Sort of like a sleep walker. As we ‘wake up’ to the changes around us, we start to notice our emotional and physical reactions and responses. This often happens gradually, by fits and starts. Registering huge change all at once can overwhelm and shut systems down. We may find ourselves coming in and out of awareness of changes around us.

We’re like surfers trying to find our balance after being thrown by a big wave. Winds of change can stir up some serious breakers! We can feel like we’re drowning or that we’ll never get on top of things again. And we’re not mistaken to fear that we or loved ones could drown in the choppy waters we find ourselves bobbing in.

In the presence of a wise holistic practitioner, we reconnect with the unchanged depths of the sea below the surface. Anchored to the depths at our shared core, our surface level struggles let go a bit. We settle into the still place where we can known what we’re to do, how and with whom. We quit flailing and harness our energy to do what matters to most of us.

It may not be a bridge over troubled waters. But it can keep our vessel upright so we are better able to course the wind.

Cynthia Zanti Jabs, L.Ac., has practiced Acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong for two decades. She can be reached at her Ruscombe Mansion office by calling 443-226-6626

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