Alexandra Pallas

Alexandra Pallas

Alexandra Pallas is a mindfulness expert and modern day shamanic priestess. She has an unwavering curiosity and sense of adventure for unearthing and reviving ancient wisdom teachings so that we may collectively remember our truest nature as spirit embodied. Alexandra’s offerings draw from her years of experience as a Reiki Master and teacher (2005); student of Ayurvedic Medicine (2006-2007); full mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition and graduate of the Medicine Wheel shamanic energy medicine training at the Four Winds Society (2006-2007); certified AromaTouch therapist (2015); priestess initiate with the 13 Moon Mystery School (2015-present); ordained minister with the Universal Life Church; mindfulness teacher; meditation practitioner; yogini; essential oil wellness advocate; and student of sound healing and sacred geometry.

Private sessions offered include: Integrative Mystical Therapy sessions, Prenatal Goddess Temple sessions, and Healer’s Magisterium sessions (healing for healers). Alexandra also offers: Reiki sessions; private/group meditation training; online devotional journeys and in-person workshops; public speaking and consulting; and sacred partnerships for bringing mindfulness and sacred technologies to corporate training, sports coaching, dojos, yoga studios, and kids’ camps.

Alexandra has co-authored two books to be released in 2018: New Feminine Evolutionary: The Path to Prosperity (Flower of Life Press; August 2018 release): and Coming Out of Hiding (working title; Priestess Presence Media; April 2018 release).

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