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I was drawn to Five Element acupuncture because it reflects my love of the natural world. There is a beauty and rhythm to the cycles of nature, and the same is so for the human being. The human being is much like a garden, and just as a garden suffers when the sun, rain, soil, nutrients and loving care are missing or are out of balance, the body, mind and Spirit suffer when they are not fed and tended properly. Acupuncture can assist in bringing back harmony and balance to the human garden.

As a Five Element Acupuncturist, I am interested in how each individual responds to stress and/or traumatic events in their life. The foundation of healing is about how we transform our habituated reactions to what life presents to us. These habitual responses could include anxiety, depression, headaches, digestive issues, menstrual problems, back or neck pain, fatigue, insomnia, or we may be stuck in a repetitive reaction of sadness, anger, fear or grief. These are all indications that something is out of balance in body, mind or Spirit. Many symptoms are simply our body speaking its wisdom. Pain, whether it be physical or emotional, is a sign that something must change. My patients often smile at the button that sits on my desk in the treatment room that says…”If You Don’t Scream, Your Body Will”. So our healing journey is not only about easing the symptom, but a deeper exploration of what that symptom may be expressing.

I received my Master’s of Acupuncture degree in 1996 from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia Maryland. For the past 17 years, my private practice has included children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. I have also worked for 6 years at the Baltimore City Jail, treating addicts with acupuncture, and for 6 years was a supervisor to students in their clinical year of acupuncture school. My continuing education includes the study of Somatic Experiencing, a gentle therapy for treating those patients who experience physical and emotional symptoms as a result of trauma, and also training in teaching Mindfulness Meditation.

My adventure in alternative healing really began in 1975 with an interest in vegetarian diet and cooking. I learned the importance of healthy eating in healing, and for 10 years was a professional cook, cooking teacher and caterer. My interest then turned to therapeutic massage, and I completed a 1,000 hour year long course in Massage Therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Returning to Baltimore, I practiced massage for 8 years, then chose to broaden my healing skills with the study of acupuncture. So, almost 40 years later, I am blessed with an abundance of experience in many different approaches to healing, all of them based in following the beauty and grace of nature’s wisdom.

Your session may include:

– Acupuncture
– Gua Sha (bodywork)
– Somatic Experiencing
– Mindfulness coaching

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about treatment or to make an appointment.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.
– Dixie

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