Linda Watkins

 Linda Watkins, CEnKP, Energy Kinesiologist 443-243-3293

Linda Watkins
CEnKP, Energy Kinesiologist
443-243-3293 / email

40 years of poor health, misdiagnoses and too many antibiotics led me to Alternative Health Care. When I finally tried more holistic and natural modalities, I was inspired to learn Reiki, Touch for Health, Brain Gym and Kinergetics, and I became an Asyra technician. As a result, I’ve been blessed with Stellar Health and, even better, I help clients to reclaim THEIR Stellar Health, often avoiding surgeries, getting free of their need for medication, and balancing their emotions. Some clients have even said that they’ve “gotten their life back.” I see clients physically at Ruscombe Mansion, and I provide distance healing, via phone and Skype, to people far and wide.

Asyra: The state-of-the-art Asyra is a vibrational assessment and balancing device with a library of over 70,000 digital remedies. As the client sits, fully clothed, and holds its brass handles, the Asyra finds the stressors that block the body’s natural ability to heal itself—which are often heavy metals, allergies, disturbances from vaccinations and pharmaceuticals, and toxins like pesticides and X-rays. The vibrational resonance of the client’s organs, glands, systems, quantum physics and emotions are measured, and issues are found.

The Asyra addresses every imbalance discovered at each session. Several monthly sessions are ideal for healing on deeper levels, as it works in “layers”, like the layers of an onion. Imagine finding that your health problem stems from a combination of imbalances caused by a virus from your childhood, lead exposure, and a vaccination disturbance–then helping it to heal naturally!

Fee: $200 for first 90-minute session, $175 thereafter

Energy Work—we’ll do a combination of whichever you need:

KINERGETICS is a powerful Australian healing modality that accesses the body’s innate intelligence, its “biocomputer,” whose memory is infinite. Also known as the subconscious, your biocomputer knows and has stored everything about you and your ailments–long-forgotten stressors or traumas, illnesses and exposure to toxins, and other hard-to-detect blocks to your body’s ability to heal itself.

I gently test a small forearm muscle (this is known as “muscle-testing”) to communicate with your bio-computer to find information, using books and scan charts. Kinergetics balances the emotional, mental and physical body, “emptying files” of stressful or traumatic experiences that have caused physical issues. If you’ve ever had anyone “push your buttons”, there’s bound to be a “file” that can be emptied that corresponds to each “button”—that’s freedom! Often, surprising issues with pathogens, nerve pathways, brain or other organ function, “contracts”, “attachments”, and detrimental patterns from this lifetime and past lives are healed, and wonderful changes occur.

R.E.S.E.T. focuses on the TMJ or jaw, relaxing and balancing it with gentle holds, often correcting teeth grinding and clenching, hearing problems, tinnitus, vision problems and pain. We store stress in our jaw, and any jaw imbalance affects vital mineral absorption and hormonal balance, brain function and spinal health. There is truly a correlation between the health and emotions.

Contract/Attachment Release: This fascinating modality seeks to heal patterns that challenge us: lack of abundance (poverty vow from a past life?), “stuffing” our emotions or overeating (starved in a past life?), inability to speak our truth, etc. After balancing the chakras, hydration and electrolytes, the client and I look at issues to be healed. By identifying subconscious “contracts” and releasing them, issues can be unstuck, and the healing can be monumental.

Example of a “Contract”: We listen vigilantly for an interruption in our newborn’s breathing pattern during the night. 15 years later, we find it impossible to attain deep rejuvenating sleep, because we are subconsciously still committed to that promise, or contract, to be vigilant at night. Release that contract and sleep deeply!

Fee: $100 per hour, or $300 for first 2.5-hour Double Session of Asyra and Energy Work, $275 thereafter

Ruscombe, Inc. is hereby released and forever discharged and held harmless from any and all liability, claims and demands which may arise from the services provided by Stellar Health and the Asyra.

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