Rental Spaces Opening

Looking for the ideal location for growing or establishing your healing practice? With its calm, healing atmosphere and community of holistic practitioners bringing together a wide range of expertise and wisdom, the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center in northwest Baltimore welcomes you and your clients.

The beautiful Ruscombe grounds

Examples of Ruscombe offices

Conveniently located near I-83, the lush grounds at Ruscombe make you forget you are in the city. Our center features ample free parking, several bathrooms on each floor, and attached kitchens in both buildings for meal breaks, hot water for tea, or cooking classes. Enjoy lunch at the weekly vegetarian co-op café with members of the community, clients and practitioners.

Ruscombe practitioners receive discounted rates on our community rental spaces for teaching or events, as well as promotion of their healing practice by web, email, and social media included in the rental fees.

We are currently showing the following private practice office spaces coming available full-time soon. Several part-time options are also available.

Mansion Building, 1st floor
161.5 sq ft

1 window and 1 closet

Mansion Building, 1st floor
140 sq ft

2 windows and 1 closet

Mansion Building, 2nd floor
225 sq ft

2 windows and 1 closet

Hill House, 2nd floor
231.3 sq ft

3 windows and 2 closets

Enjoy the charm of our turn-of-the century buildings and oasis of calm that envelopes you as soon as you get out of the car. After 30 years of intentional healing service in this one location, magic happens here.

For more information, call 410-367-7300 or email

Another sample office at Ruscombe

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