Rolfing® Structural Integration

006aStructural Integration is a system of manual therapy and awareness education which is designed to create greater freedom of movement, improve posture and reduce stress by easing chronic patterns of strain in the body.

Rolfing was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf who taught that how a body is organized has a profound effect on a per-son’s well being. Rolfing deals with physical changes, attitudes, belief systems and behavior patterns.

Any chronic tension produces a strain pattern throughout the body. The strain is locked in the body via our myofascial network, a soft tissue web that holds and organizes our bones, muscles and organs. We all develop a characteristic way of moving that is easily recognizable to our friends. These patterns come from habit, imitation, response to injury and the way our attitudes are expressed in our movements.

Rolfing addresses these patterns in a series of sessions, usually ten, whose purpose is to organize the parts of the body into an integrated whole. The sessions, which are 60-to-90 minutes long, have specific goals and each one builds on the previous session. Rolfers reshape the body’s myofascial struc-ture through applied pressure and energy, movement awareness and body-use coaching.

Frequently, people describe these sensations as pleasurable or relaxing even though there may, at times, be some discomfort. Rolfing has helped people with many physical difficulties including lower back and neck pain, carpal tunnel and sciatica but at its heart, Rolfing is a potentially transformative experience.

Jeannine Olson is a certified Rolfer and a licensed clinical professional counselor. She may be contacted at 443-799-1330. Tessy Brungardt is a certified advanced Rolfer and certified movement teacher. She can be contacted at 410-367-4075.

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