Ruscombe as Field Trip Destination for JHU Freshman Students

As part of an Intersession Program in Integrative Medicine on January 24th, 2018, two dozen Johns Hopkins University pre-med students visited Ruscombe to learn more about our approaches to healing. They were treated to a stimulating discussion and demonstration on the basic concepts of integrative or holistic health with Paula Derry, Ph.D. and Zanti Jabs, L.Ac.

Most of the students were pre-med or public policy or biology majors and new to integrative medicine. They were all curious to understand how various modalities work and work together, and how this might work into their future medical practices. Paula and Zanti also offered them take-home exercises and techniques from their specific healing modalities to help them maintain their own health and balance while navigating their academic years. Thank you to Geo Derick Giordano, MSc, RH, for coordinating this visit!


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