Paula Derry

Paula Derry, PhD, LMT
Shiatsu/Integrative Bodywork
Stress Reduction
(443) 610-9881

I combine Shiatsu with a variety of other holistic approaches, using whatever approach would be helpful or needed in each session. Benefits: Enhance feeling centered, embodied, energized, at peace; reduce physical and psychological effects of stress, like headaches, muscle tension, anxiety; support people with illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, etc. by encouraging better sleep, rest, energy; encourage feelings of safety and well-being. Special interest in women’s issues. Shiatsu is a touch therapy that is gentle yet deep. I also use tech­niques from Zero Balancing, Shiatsu Shin Tai, and other approaches, using whatever practices will best meet your needs. You are fully clothed during the sessions. Receivers have commented that my touch is intuitive, sensitive, and communicates a sense of safety. At the same time, I also think strategically and analytically about how best to work. Continue reading “Paula Derry”

Samantha Spyridakos


Samantha integrates a variety of modalities in a way that works best for each individual, blending intuition with a mindful touch. Her unique form of bodywork is delivered in a compassionate way that holds an intention of being present to which level of our holism is experiencing imbalance as well as identifying the bounty of balance that always exist.

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