Take Charge Of Stress

People feel stressed when too much is going on to comfortably deal with or they feel a sense of anxiety/danger. The key to stress management is creating a sense that you are on top of things and that it’s okay to relax. What are some good ways to get started dealing with stress?

  1. Commit to lowering your stress. Decide that this is a priority and you’re going to do it.
  2. Start small. Stress management programs can be useful, but it is also good to start out small and simple. Find a way to include relaxing or pleasurable activities in your day. Even if you’re busy, you have time for brief “vacations” from stress, 30 or even 5 minutes periodically during the day.
  3. Decide to give time, money, and thought to your well-being. If your car broke down, you’d fix it even if you’re on a tight budget. Decide how much time and money you’ll commit to activities that work for you, whether it’s going out for dinner, getting bodywork, sorting out what causes you stress, or exercising.
  4. Mindfulness, paying attention to the here-and-now, can help to plunge you out of stress responding and more deeply into yourself. The practice of mindfulness can help you deal with physical and mental expressions of anxiety and overload. Having a rhythm between rest and activity can decrease feelings of overload, and brief periods of mindfulness during the day can help to restore this rhythm. In the end, you may accomplish more if you rest or relax.
  5. Stress reduction comes when you feel relaxation, pleasure. If you feel pleasure or relaxation, you’re doing something right.

More information on dealing with stress is at http://pauladerry.com/readings/

Paula Derry, PhD, LMT combines Shiatsu with a variety of other holistic approaches, using whatever approach would be helpful or needed in each session. Her bodywork practice is focused on reducing stress; encouraging integration of mind, body, and spirit; encouraging feelings of safety and well-being; supporting recovery from illness; and helping people become relaxed, energized, centered, empowered, and embodied.

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