The Greatest Love There Is

Red Fox, one of series of new paintings by Zoh Hieronimus.

Greetings Friends of Ruscombe,

When I founded Ruscombe in 1984, my vision was to offer holistic healing options in one location. The reason for this was to facilitate a person’s healing more quickly than if a person had to travel looking for the many options that were then difficult to find. Today, thirty-four years later, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal healing, massage, and other therapeutics we feature are more prevalent in our society. The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center remains the longest freestanding outpatient integrative center in America offering numerous ancient and modern healing options.

All institutions grow and change, and change is occurring now at Ruscombe three decades later. Astrologically, the entire world is in the throes of institutional change and individual transformation as seen by a Pluto square Mars dynamic, a fiery challenge to all systems, inner and outer, personal and collective. It’s a time of unexpected interruptions and opportunities for novel creation. This planetary configuration, which will last for another 15 years or so, accelerates change for the entire world.

Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, DHL, Founder of Ruscombe, today with her long silver braid.

Ruscombe, as she enters her 34th year, is also examining how we can serve our community in ways needed now. We are actively seeking a few new practitioners with full and part time practices to join our collective of healers in private practice. Those interested in family medicine, counseling, or some other healing services in harmony with Ruscombe’s non-toxic and non-invasive philosophy would be most welcome. We are actively looking for a few small non-profits serving the community who would benefit by working from the casual and gentle environment provided by the Ruscombe community and grounds and the Mt. Washington neighborhood. We have a few private offices available in 2018, and offer ongoing community spaces for meetings, workshops or classes for groups under 60 in what we call our community hall or yoga studio and in our conference room. If you have any suggestions about individuals we might contact, or organizations whose work you find compatible with the philosophy of elevating and sustaining the good in our world, we would be immensely grateful for your input.

One idea I have is to create programs focused in the development of our PSI abilities: telepathy, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, healing at a distance, remote viewing etc. Perhaps in the coming year such a program will be offered at Ruscombe and online as well. Would you be interested?

Another change to share, Ruscombe has a new resident property manager. His name is Dennis Ossiander and you will likely see him all around and wonder if there aren’t two of him. (He is also the only male massage practitioner at Ruscombe if you have been looking for such services on location or in your home.) We are working to elevate everything we are and are doing for the next decade ahead of us, and you can expect various improvements to the grounds and buildings and other additions over the coming year.

As we greet the summer solstice when the light around us is brilliant and long standing, it is a time to plant our seeds for the future. I have just completed writing my fourth book The White Spirit Animals, Prophets of Change to be released in October, 2017 by Inner Traditions Bear & Co. I would like to share one short excerpt from this 380-plus page book. It is a profound wisdom teaching, which the Buffalo Nation (Pte Oyate) taught me.

“I was standing beside a single buffalo, as though standing with an elder friend. We were on a mountaintop plateau, overlooking an entire cosmopolitan city where their range used to be. The message was simple and clear. I was told when standing there with such a broadscale view that, “When anyone of us, human, animal, plant, or mineral fulfills our purpose on Earth, we experience the greatest love there is.”

We look forward as the Ruscombe community to being part of your lives in the future, and together to experiencing the greatest love there is. We are grateful that you have found our offerings of benefit in your life journey. The joy that I experience for your wellness and that of your family and friends who come to Ruscombe has sustained my fiduciary support of our community center and my personal involvement in the success of what we do at Ruscombe. Since founding our beautiful center thirty-four years ago, I have gone from being a very dark brunette with an abundantly thick head of hair, to being a 63 year old woman with totally silver long hair, in a thinner braid than the past. Change happens to us all.

May the summer bring us all renewal, a love of our earth and some healthy playfulness.

In Service – Dr. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L., Founder, Executive Director

Please send any suggestions or contact ideas to Helen Baylin, our Office Coordinator, or call her at 410-367-7300. Also if you would be interested in a PSI focused program, let us know that as well.

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