Who We Are

ruscombe-about-1The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center was founded here in 1984 by Executive Director Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus. Our center is situated on one acre of the original estate of the James W. Tyson family, one of Baltimore’s famous Quaker abolitionist and philanthropic families. The Mansion (4801 Yellowood) was built in 1906 by the achitectural firm of Ellicott and Emmart. The Hill House (4803 Yellowwood) was built in the 1940s and in the 1970s was physically moved to its current location next to the Mansion. Thanks to the inter­vention of then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer, one of the original “Friends of Ruscombe”, these buil­dings were preserved during the construction of the Coldspring NewTown condominium community built in the 1970s. The Tyson family first used the name Ruscombe for their own home based on William Penn’s final estate in England.

In 1970 the AUM Esoteric Study Center (formerly the Aquarian University of Maryland), the only State approved esoteric study center in the United States, was housed here with Savitria, a communal living center. AUM offered certificates in Religious Metaphysics, Occult Sciences and the Mystical Arts, and today it continues its basic purpose of uniting the inner and outer aspects of man’s being, by supporting altruistic endeavors which unite mankind on the planet Earth. (Email us for information about making a tax deductible donation.) In 1972 the Waldorf School of Baltimore was founded here and in 1978 the East/West Foundation was located in our buildings. In 1984, Zohara (Jill) Meyerhoff Hieronimus planted The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center here.

Ruscombe is Different from Other Health Care Centers

The Ruscombe family of practitioners and staff

Inspired by her own search for self healing for a chronic condition, Zohara gathered a collective of health care practitioners integrating ancient and modern therapeutics with emphasis on non-toxic and non-invasive procedures. Practitioners at Ruscombe focus on the whole person, not simply the physical malady or symptom or disease. There is a healing atmosphere about the grounds and the setting of the facility itself. Behind the Mansion there is a bubbling pond complete with gold fish and lily pads. On pleasant days, one can find clients eating lunch, meditating or having a peaceful chat there.

Who comes to Ruscombe?

ruscombe-about-3People of all ages participate in Ruscombe’s health care services, educational programs, referral services, and free support groups which convene on the property regularly. Anyone who comes to Ruscombe has the opportunity to take part in their own recovery and maintenance of health. The quality of skills and the love that the practitioners bring to their healing practices enhance each individual’s goal toward wellness.

Ruscombe Offers Expertise

For years, Ruscombe practitioners have introduced doctors-in-training, including medical residents, to the healing arts they practice. Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland send medical students to Ruscombe to learn about complementary medicine. Clients at Ruscombe are encouraged to try a variety of therapeutic options while pursuing wellness in an individualized way. Over 30 professionals offer treatments in Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Massage, Rolfing ®, Stress Management, Herbal and Flower Remedies, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga and more. Everyone who comes to Ruscombe has the opportunity to take part in their own recovery and maintenance of health. Individuals of all ages participate in Ruscombe’s health care services, including families ranging in ages from newborn infants and school children, through teen years and right on up to the grandparents. We also offer educational programs, referral services and support groups. See the full list of treatments provided or see the list of our practitioners.

What Else Does Ruscombe Do?

The Ruscombe Mansion is a multi-purpose neighborhood community center featuring programs in holistic healing, movement and exercise systems, meditation, education and inspirational guidance. Practitioners at the Ruscombe Mansion and associated instructors are available for presentations to private groups and media interviews. Each presentation is custom designed for your business, school or organization. Vitamins, supplements, and homeopathic remedies are available for sale during office hours in the Ruscombe Central Office.

Practicing What We Preach

scenery IMG_1284We maintain the Ruscombe lawns and plantings without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We compost most garden wastes and return them to our soil. We control pests that threaten our plants with manual hygiene and applications of naturally occurring plant and bacterial substances. However, plants such as poison ivy that could be harmful to our guests may be removed with limited applications of household-​grade products marketed for that purpose. Ruscombe is committed to maintaining its healthy, self-sustaining community of resident species. Guests with allergies to bee stings or other specific threats may wish to take precautions.

Egyptian Meditation Room

egypt-RoomBWWith a duplicate of King Tut’s throne chair and murals painted by Bob Hieronimus in 1970, this room is maintained as a healing meditation space for individuals who wish to reserve it. Viewing and client use is available during office hours only and by appointment. Click here for more details and photos.

Vegetarian Cafe

RuscombeMansionKitchen-300x200A vegetarian lunch is available Labor Day-Memorial Day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prices generally range from $8.50 – $12.50. Carry-out available. Please call Ruscombe Central Office, 410-367-7300, for additional information and during inclement weather for closings.

Rental Spaces for Activities

We have comfortable conference rooms (seating 10-30), spacious halls for movement classes (or seating for 50), with attached kitchens, audio visual equipment, daily/hourly rates available, and free parking. Conveniently located near the Interstate, fine hotels and Whole Foods market. Reservations and deposit required. Click here for more details and photos.

Visit our hosts:

zohara-hatZohora Hieronimus, Ruscombe’s Executive Director, can be reached at her website: http://www.zoharaonline.com

bob-grayPlease join Robert (Dr. Bob) Hieronimus at his website for “enlightened” radio news: http://www.21stcenturyradio.com