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Ruscombe has one of our largest, sunniest, most charming office spaces available for rent. It doesn't happen often that a full time practice space opens up, and it won't stay open long, so inquire today if you are ready to join the Ruscombe community with your private practice. This second floor space has three windows, two closets and 231 square feet.  Join over two-dozen holistic practitioners in our historic and tranquil setting. Free parking, close to major highways, and a vegetarian co-op café.

Also available, large, comfortable community space, perfect for movement classes or lectures.

Contact Helen at 410-367-7300 or email: wellness@Ruscombe.org


Classes and Upcoming Highlights
Featured Practitioner

Leyan Darlington

Leyan Darlington has been doing energy work and massage for over ten years, beginning her energy training at Delphi University in 1993. She has seen clients in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Boston, and the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area.

Delphi University has certified Leyan for RoHun Therapy, a regression therapy that is very powerful. She is a Reiki Master and teacher, has Craniosacral Therapy training and certification from the Upledger Institute, and has studied numerous forms of massage and energy work, including natural eye therapy with Meir Schneider.



Rental Spaces

The fully renovated Community Hall is open for new programs for mind/body/spirit medicine at Ruscombe

The Ruscombe Mansion has several comfortable conference rooms with seating from 10 to 50 and spacious rooms for movement classes or workshops. Attached kitchens, audio visual equipment for additional rental fees, and free parking. Daily and hourly rates available.

See our rental Spaces page online...

Ruscombe is conveniently located near Interstate 83, several fine hotels, natural markets and grocery stores. Reservations, down payment and security deposit required.Please see our rental brochure for more information.

From Spiritual Essence who hosted a 2-day yoga retreat:

"I also want to say they everyone had a great time at the retreat and the facility was just great.  I am so glad that we found Ruscombe." 

Another "thank you" from event host and acupuncturist Diana Keener:

"Hi Ruscombe friends,

Thank you all so much for your help with the Qi Gong retreat this past weekend. It was an intensively dynamic and deeply restorative experience for all who came, and we were full to capacity. I am really honored to be able to host such a great teacher in this wonderful place and it would not be possible to do so without all the logistical and energetic support that the community and the property offers."

From event host Penny Morris, B.S., C.M.T., C.P.C.:

I just want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to rent space in The Conference Wellness Room in the Hill House at The Ruscombe Mansion. The entire facility, from the outdoor grounds to the interior space is so inviting and offers so much tranquility, warmth and efficiency.  My clients love coming as much as I do! I love the community there! Thank you so much for all that you do to it an ideal sacred space for healing!

AUM Online Classes
Ruscombe in the Community

Over the weekend of May 30-31, Ruscombe was at KarmaFest. Read more and see photos!

Ruscombe Co-op Cafe

Tuesday May 25, 2015

Cooking - Bonny

Last Cafe for the summer season

Spinach/Split Pea Soup: a light lemony thin soup with lots of spinach, flavored with coriander (gluten free)

Southern Red Rice and Pecan Salad over Greens: with veggies and dried fruit, with a vinegrette dressing (gluten free)

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free)

Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Thanks for a good season from all 3 cooks!

Hope to see you there!



Kitchen in the Mansion Building at Ruscombe


Take Charge Of Stress

Paula Derry, PhD, LMT

People feel stressed when too much is going on to comfortably deal with or they feel a sense of anxiety/danger. The key to stress management is creating a sense that you are on top of things and that it’s okay to relax. What are some good ways to get started dealing with stress?


Michelle's Health Revolution Blog

Michelle Dexter, Ayurvedic practitioner at the Ruscombe Mansion, has an almost daily blog (with her own gorgeous photos) read it online

Michelle is an ordained minister and an Ayurvedic practitioner with over 15 years of clinical experience. This blog is for people who want to be educated and inspired about Ayurvedic healing. Read it here...


Thanks for attending the 30th Anniversary Ruscombe Mansion Holistic Open House
Ours is a Mission of Healing:

At the Ruscombe Mansion we address the unique needs of each individual by focusing on the whole person, not simply the physical symptom of disease. Dozens of certified, licensed holistic professionals in private practice provide an integrative approach to health care. It is a unique healing oasis where clients appreciate feeling listened to, and where practitioners naturally gain from each others' experiences.



See Barbara Harman's new website here:


Looking for information on Mistletoe Therapy?

Physicians (including Ruscombe's own Dr. Peter Hinderberger, second from left) and administrators from local hospitals and integrative health centers sharing information about mistletoe therapy.

Online information on mistletoe therapy for cancer treatment - www.mistel-therapie.de

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It is our mission to provide a peaceful, comfortable setting to offer professional, complementary health options to the general public. The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center is a multi-purpose neighborhood community center featuring programs in holistic healing, education and inspirational guidance.


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