January is Sleep Awareness Month

This time of year many of us are sleep deprived. Holiday shopping and preparations, family visiting or we are flying /driving for vacation time, tend to make getting the correct amount of sleep difficult. Eating on the run or different cuisine can be hard on our bodies.

Did you know that certain blood pressure medication, over-the-counter cold drugs and other medicines can cause poor sleep. So can caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Too little sleep or poor-quality sleep can increase your risk of weight gain or diabetes. Did you know that roughly half of adults older than 65 have some form of sleep disorder?

Circadian rhythm is the internal “body clock” that regulates the approximately 24-hour cycle of biological processes in animals and plants. The term circadian comes from the Latin for “around the day.” It influences when, how much, and how well people sleep.

Now is the perfect time to be especially good to yourself and use the gift certificates you received for body-work. Massage, Reflexology, and Acupuncture are wonderful ways to relax and put you in a good frame of mind to ease any stress from the holidays.

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